Apple 將重新編寫 iOS 5 內 iPhone, iPad 及 iPod Touch 的系統提示方式

據外國網站 CultofMac 消息指出, Apple 正在收購一間小型公司, 去改善 iPhone, iPad 及 iPod Touch 的系統提示方式. iOS 內的系統提示方式, 一直受用家批評.

Apple 將重新編寫 iOS 5 內 iPhone, iPad 及 iPod Touch 的系統提示方式

Apple is working on a new notification system for iOS and will be buying a small company to build its technology into the operating system, according to one of our sources.

眾所周之, Google Android, Windows Phone 7, 甚至剛剛推出的 HP WebOS 系統內的系統提示方式, 表現出眾; 與 iOS 系統相比, iOS 內的系統提示方式實在遜色.

Apple’s pop-up notification system for new text messages, voicemails and the like has often been criticized as one of the weakest parts of the iOS. Notifications are intrusive, modal and often cryptic. It’s a mess.

希望能在 iOS 5 內, 甚至今年內推出的 iPhone 5 能看見系統提示方式的改善!

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