Let me make it clear about Personal Banking

Let me make it clear about Personal Banking

Concentrate on what is important. We will offer banking services that will help you.

Online Banking

Get the app that is mobile

Transfer Funds • Find ATMS Deposit Checks • Pay Loans

To gain access to your bank account, you really must be signed up for online banking. Enroll now

Phone Banking

Transfer Funds • Balances Verify Transactions


Our individual checking accounts enable you to select the fit that is best for the life. With each regarding the records, you should have access to online banking, bill spending, and much more. Find out about online and banking that is mobile.

Protection Checking

Protection Plus Checking

Safety Interest Checking

Free Mobile Phone Banking and Cellphone Deposit


Platinum Debit Card*

ATM Access (MoneyPass® – 18,000+ free ATMs)

Complimentary On The Internet And Phone Banking

Complimentary Bill Payment Services

Earns Interest

*Terms and conditions of the program can be obtained during the time of account opening. Susceptible to approval; other finance institutions may impose fees at ATMs not owned by safety Financial Bank; if account becomes overdrawn, the standard NSF and Overdraft charges will apply.

Cost Savings

Regardless if you are saving for a property, a holiday, to start out a household, and for a rainy time, it will probably feel good whenever you meet your ultimate goal! Select a cost savings choice that fits your needs that are individual.

The “Most Readily Useful” Tall Give Money Marketplace

Minimal stability of $5,000 to start ($10/month fee if below)

  • Tiered interest, compounded month-to-month $0 – $9,999.99 $10,000 – $49,999.99 $50,000 – $99,999.99 $100,000 – $249,999.99 $250,000+
  • $10 fee charged for every withdrawal more than one every month
  • Standard NSF and overdraft fees use

Investor Account

Minimum stability of $5,000 to open up ($ charge that is 10/month below)

  • Tiered interest, compounded month-to-month $0 – $9,999.99 $10,000 – $24,999.99 $25,000 – $49,999.99 $50,000 – $99,999.99 $100,000+
  • payday loans Gloucestershire online

  • $10 cost charged for every single withdrawal more than six per month
  • Standard NSF and overdraft fees use

Youth Savings (ages 0-19)

Minimum stability of $10 to open up ($1/month cost if below)

There are 2 tiers of profits

  • Balances below $1,000 pays 4.07% APY*
  • Balances $1,000 and above will pay 4.07% to 0.54percent APY*
  • Interest compounded monthly
  • $1 charge charged for every single withdrawal more than six every month
  • Standard NSF and overdraft charges use

Protection Fundamental Savings

Minimum stability of $100 to open up ($ charge that is 3/month below)

  • Interest compounded monthly
  • $10 cost charged for every single withdrawal more than six each month
  • Standard NSF and overdraft charges apply

*Annual portion Yield effective 8/28/2020. Prices are variable, susceptible to alter without notice and subject to improve after account opening. No balance that is minimum to acquire APY. Charges could decrease the earnings.

Insured Cash Sweep (ICS)

With ICS, you will reap the benefits of complete FDIC insurance on deposits bigger than $250,000. Discover More

Health Checking Account (HSA)

HSA’s are really a convenient and income tax way that is efficient conserve and pay money for medical costs. In accordance with our HSA records, you will make interest that is tax-free gain access to checks and a debit card to effortlessly pay money for the doctor visits and medical bills…all without any annual cost! Inquire with us today.

Certification of Deposit & IRA

Certification of Deposit (CD)

Our certificates provide reassurance without any charges on withdrawals for medical care expenses, loss of a free account holder, and for an advance payment on a home loan through Security Financial Bank.

  • Minimal balance of $1,000
  • Obtainable in terms as much as five years
  • Tiered interest, compounded month-to-month $1,000 – $9,999.99 $10,000 – $24,999.99 $25,000 – $99,999.99 $100,000 +
  • Flex or Roth IRA available
  • No balance that is minimum$50 expected to start)
  • Tiered interest, compounded daily as much as $49,999.99 $50,000 – $99,999.99 $100,000+

Mortgage & Home Equity Loans

Unsecured Loans

Debit and Charge Cards

Get Enhanced Protection by having a Debit MasterCard®

Utilize our MasterCard® debit card for day-to-day acquisitions and at no cost at any MoneyPass® ATM. View a map and complete report on MoneyPass® ATM areas.

Take pleasure in the Perks of the Visa® Credit Card, Provided through Elan.

This card features competitive prices and a complete selection of reward choices. Get the full story or use now!

Report a lost or taken Elan Visa® card: 800.236.9499 Report a stolen or lost MasterCard® debit card: 866.546.8273 Report a lost or taken Visa® that is prepaid gift or travel card: 800.486.0252

On Line Banking

Do your banking without making house or as long as you’re on a break! With online banking, you will see your bank account balances, see recent transactions, make loan payments, transfer cash between records, settle payments, and more! Enroll now.

For a lot more convenience, install our mobile banking software on the iPhone or Android os and use every one of the fundamental banking that is online along with mobile deposit for checks, spend a buddy, and much more!

Healthcare Professional Program

At safety Financial Bank, we comprehend your economic requirements. You may well be coping with student education loans, unsecured loans or credit debt, that makes it tough to have cash put aside for a advance payment on a home that is new. In addition to that, your demanding routine merely does not permit you the true luxury to go out of your training throughout the to meet with a banker day. So, we are going to come your way.

Home Lending Systems

Included in this special program agreed to medical experts, you’ll be able to buy much of your residence without any advance payment with no personal home loan insurance coverage. We can refinance your existing mortgage balance up to 95 percent of the appraised value of your home and no private mortgage insurance if you already own your own home.*

Banking Systems

  • Complimentary On Line Banking Services
  • Interest Bank Checking Account
  • Convenient Bill Pay Provider
  • Cellphone Banking with Mobile phone Deposit
  • Competitive Charge Card Possibilities


This system is present for residents, fellows and existing or newly certified medical experts. Qualifying professionals that are medical:

  • Medical practioners of Chiropractic
  • Medical practioners of Dental Medicine
  • Physicians of Dental Science
  • Medical practioners of medication
  • Health practitioners of Ophthalmology
  • Health practitioners of Optometry
  • Physicians of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Physicians of Podiatric
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Pharmacists
  • Physical Therapists
  • Doctor Assistants
  • Veterinary Physicians

*As section of this unique program, medical experts have the ability to buy a main residence without any advance payment with no personal home loan insurance, or refinance their existing mortgage balance up to 95% associated with appraised value without any personal mortgage insurance coverage.

Other Goods & Services

Secure Deposit Boxes

You can expect different sizes of safe deposit bins at our Bloomer, Durand, Eau Claire, and Ladysmith places.

24-Hour Phone Banking

With us such as your current balance, transaction amounts, deposits, and you can even make transfers between reports should you not have computer access, you may use phone banking to gain access to details about your reports! To gain access to this solution, simply phone the phone banking quantity: 888.900.BANK (2265)

Meet The Private Bankers

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