5 Things You Should Know About PayPal’s Magento Migration Loan

5 Things You Should Know About PayPal’s Magento Migration Loan

The clock is ticking and Magento 1’s end of life (end of support) is appropriate just about to happen. For more than a we’ve provided webinars, e-books, and security insights to help ease your migration worries year. Now, Redstage teamed up with PayPal to give you usage of Magento Migration loans for qualifying merchants.

With a “no merchant left out” mindset, Redstage and PayPal are focused on ensuring all business people can fully scale further while that great energy of Magento 2. Listed here are 5 techniques for getting the very best from the migration experience.

1. Why You Need To Migrate

Magento 1 support ends on . Although it are problematic for some merchants to state goodbye, more revenue is waiting to be unlocked with Magento 2. an average of, a Magento 1 Migration takes 6-10 months to perform along with 7 months through to the platform sunsets, merchants are operating away from payday loans East Sussex time. More to the point, you’re passing up on extra profits. Migrating to Magento 2 offers merchants usage of a more recent and much more advanced e-commerce platform that delivers security, functionality, and flexibility. Grab our free Magento Migration eBook right right here, or keep reading for a fast breakdown:


With justification, we’ve shared numerous tips about how to assist protect your store that is online from. End of Life means the finish of protection, as soon as June rolls around you will have you can forget Magento 1 safety spots to truly save you. Hackers have familiarized on their own with all the platform and extensions that are broken their work easier. Within the previous 12 months, Magento has released over 10 security patches for M1 (that’s at least 1 four weeks), and designers have actually stopped updating M1 extensions to pay attention to M2. These constant breaches leave your store, clients, along with your important thing in danger.

A good client experience is calculated by many people things, such as how safe your prospects feel. 41 % of customers switch stores as a result of bad personalization and lack of trust. Magento 2 shows merchants are using safety seriously given that platform provides safety updates with bug repairs, back-end management protection, and encryption for charge card information.


60% of B2B buyers demand a customer that is seamless and 47% anticipate old-fashioned stores to be because agile as Amazon. Magento 2 is focused on delivering a significantly better shopping experience that enables merchants to produce a quick, easy, and checkout that is frictionless across all products. Web Page loading and checkout rate have actually increased by 50 % and 38 per cent correspondingly, set alongside the Magento 1 platform. The Magento 2 migration could be the perfect recipe for the customer experience that is successful.

In a global where responsive design is wanting to give customers the same functionality we now have on desktop in mobile, there could be a divergence right here where we need to start thinking about various mobile experiences. Clients have to be in a position to have the whole journey, through the research viewpoint to prices, settlement, approval, and get, each through their smart phones. Millennials will change to your competitor instantly them that entire experience if you can’t give.

–Adam Morris, CEO, Redstage.


As our ongoing Mobile Optimization Initiative shows, Magento 2 offers merchants total control of developing a great consumer experience. The working platform includes themes that are highly customizable over 2,000 extensions. Your customers are more inclined to come back to get more by upgrading your experience on different devices if you continue to meet their expectations, so keep impressing them. Personalize your theme in a fashion that highlights your brand name and informs your brand’s story, or highlight services and products and supply a checkout that is secure within one place.

38.8percent of total Magento Merchants (Community or Enterprise) continue to be on different variations of M1. By maybe maybe not updating, merchants are placing on their own and their clients at an increased risk. Magento 1 web sites, among a dwindling community of users, will face an eternity of decreasing usability, patchwork repairs, increased maintenance costs, and a greater degree of upkeep than when they migrate to a new website or platform.

– Aidan Mcknight, Solutions Engineer, Redstage

2. The Migration Loan Explained

Migrating your internet site, budgeting for the following year, and making certain you meet your end of the season product product sales objectives can be overwhelming. The Magento Migration Loan can relieve your worries, particularly if you have actuallyn’t budgeted for migration.

The mortgage can really help your companies feel the brand new and improved advancements of this Magento 2 platform and offer the way to help to keep your web visitors safe. PayPal and Redstage realize that the ongoing future of shopping is digitally optimized. On the web retail sales are likely to achieve $735 billion by 2023. However, over fifty percent of today’s stores would not have usage of financial obligation or equity funding to simply help measure their company.

This migration loan is just a first faltering step to bridging the gap in funding solutions for internet businesses. To complete your migration having a Magento Migration Loan, you must first make an application for the Magento Migration loan here. Loans can vary from $5,000-$500,000 without any hidden costs connected 2 . Upon approval, WebBank will move funds to your business’s bank-account as quickly as the business that is next 3 .

3. How exactly to Apply and get the Credit

To secure a complete credit on the price of funding your migration, start with trying to get the Magento Migration loan by visiting the LoanBuilder application page. If authorized, you have to follow these three steps to get the credit 4 .

  1. Sign a Magento renewal permit invoice that displays at minimum one re payment.
  2. Open a PayPal Business Account.
  3. Indication a processing that is 3-year or renewal contract with Braintree and process with Braintree on the new Magento 2 website for at the least a couple of months.

Great things about Braintree

Driving income and making the most of work at home opportunities are necessary in scaling your online business. To totally feel the energy of Magento, must also be advantage that is taking of. The international repayment partner is the lacking piece you will need to combine safe and frictionless consumer experience like those present in our current tests. Braintree is re payment platform that delivers mobile and internet payment systems in one, seamless integration.

This season, you can find roughly 1.92 billion digital purchasers out here. That quantity is anticipated to very nearly double by 2021. The smart cash is applying this time for you to prepare and test brand new how to unlock more getaway revenue. The Magento migration loan is the initial step to guaranteeing a successful future.

More over, Braintree provides different ways to push income and maximize company growth general. The solitary integration enables you to achieve more purchasers across the world, reduce checkout friction, increase efficiency, and migrate fraud dangers. Remember, an easy, safe, and frictionless checkout experience increases conversions.

4. How exactly to Be Eligible

If you’re operating in the Magento 1 platform while having held it’s place in company for at the very least 9 months, you’re halfway through the eligibility procedure. Your company must be located and also operated in every regarding the 50 united states of america or Washington, D.C. and making at the least, $42,000 in annual revenue. That’s it!

Unfortuitously, the M1 end of life comes at any given time outside the normal re-platforming strategy for many consumers. Once we design and build regarding the most advanced technology, you want to amortize the expense so long as feasible and switch only once the force from competitors and clients increases. I favor that PayPal is assisting our customers re solve this dilemma by helping them fund the migration process. This will make the procedure easier to deal with from a cashflow viewpoint and we can spend money on an individual experience that’s outside the cycle that is normal.

– Adam Morris, CEO, Redstage


With approximately 200 times staying regarding the Magento 1 End of Life countdown the right time for procrastination is finished. Each merchants wait, their revenue, customers, and reputation are at risk day. Redstage and PayPal are devoted to assisting organizations develop and thrive, showing merchants how exactly to unlock the revenue they deserve and build good client experiences. Into the title of a booming and lucrative 2020, revitalize your brand name, strengthen your client experience, look at your eligibility, thereby applying now for the opportunity to fully enjoy a credited migration loan from PayPal.

In the event that you work with in B2B, click on this link to understand tips on how to migrate to Magento 2 in only 40 times!

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